About SchoolGate

SchoolGate is a communacation solution between parents and school authorities. It operates through Windows/Android/iOS interface in PC and and mobile phone. Data are being transfered simultaneously and each side can notify others effectively.

SchoolGate is also a full automation system for school management including educational reports, online classrooms, smart exams and ranks calculation etc.

SchoolGate provides a user-friendly platform for teachers to share educational content and lesson texts with students and hold occasional quizzes.

SchoolGate can be connected to other automated systems through API in order to save you time and budget.

Native App Platform Advantages

There are other school solutions mostly developed for Web Browser interface in which mobile apps replicate the browser version in a phone screen. SchoolGate, on the other hand, has Native Android and iOS apps meaning that the apps are designed for cell-phones and work independent from the web browser. This feature enables the apps to work at least 3 times faster than other solutions.

Most of the features work offline and even online features do not need a big bandwidth.

The visual interface of the system fits to all devices and you can work on either PC or mobile phone.

You will be notified on your phone where ever you are.

Work with the system even when you are out of home or school.

Faster performance than web browser services.


In the digital world everything is possible
Any customized or additional feature can be added to this list based on client’s needs and

Live teacher and students communication with abilities of screen sharing, uploading class material and saving class video file.

All disciplinestatus of the students will be recorded in this sections and can be reported to the parents.

To save time and prevent waisting paper, managers or teachers can plan different types of exams and the system wil automatically check the results and calculate the ranks of each student.

All events, holidays, special programs, award winners etc will be reported to parents in this section.

Studens’ weekly schedule will be planned in the system and will be shown in the App. In addiotion, teachers and consultants are able to plan certain schedule for students individually.

Accounting system by which managers are able to send bills to parents and they can pay the bills online.


The ranks will be recorded here and parents are able to check students’ educational whenever they wperformance ant.


All books, hints and class video files can be uploaded to the system in a categorized format. Students can communicate with their teachers under each lesson.


School managers can create occasional quiz for students in the system and winners will be shown in the App for everyone.


Teachers will add students’ homeworks and parents can check online to follow thier students respected performance.


Parents can sign forms and consents digitally to save time.

Go International


Integrated management, Fast messaging and notifications, Replacing paper use with online content and exams


Educational achievement, eLibrary, Easy and direct connection to teachers, Online receiving and sending homeworks.


Less paperwork, Easy and fast connection with parents and sudents, Work from home


Following student’s activities remotely, Receiving online school notifications, Checking student’s progress charts on mobile device

Who Benefits?

Technical Structure

The system is designed to serve everyone who has internet access in his/her own choice. We developed our web interface by C-Sharp programming language, the Android app by Java and iOS app by Swift in order to creat a powerful user-friendly environment for students, parents, teachers and school managers.

All of the features are available on all three platforms.